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Изучите обзор, в котором отражается общий контекст уязвимости и устойчивости Узбекистана к изменению климата. Изучите влияние климата и уязвимость по секторам. Ознакомьтесь с результатами Оценки риска и уязвимости к изменению климата для Узбекистана. Изучите различные варианты адаптации к изменению климата в ключевых секторах.

Climate Change Exposure

The provinces of Navoy, Surkhondarya and the Ferghana Valley have the highest climate exposure, where higher temperatures and drought are persistent hazards. The projected increase in precipitation rates could help reduce these risks in the Ferghana Valley. Rising temperatures are caused primarily by an increase in maximum temperature and increased duration of warm weather. Rising climate stress in Navoy Province is compounded by drought periods that are often 2-weeks longer. From west to east, the additional precipitation is increasing in Uzbekistan. However most of the increase is attributable to heavy precipitation.


Climate Exposure Map