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Изучите обзор, в котором отражается общий контекст уязвимости и устойчивости Узбекистана к изменению климата. Изучите влияние климата и уязвимость по секторам. Ознакомьтесь с результатами Оценки риска и уязвимости к изменению климата для Узбекистана. Изучите различные варианты адаптации к изменению климата в ключевых секторах.

Climate Change Related Geographic Exposure

Large portions of Uzbekistan are under water stress, with over 80% of water resources being utilized by the sectors. In the southern and eastern part of the country under influence of population density and frequency of drought, this leads also to a high risk of drought. Over the last 20 years, Uzbekistan has seen an increase of soil productivity, mostly as result of improvements in agricultural management. In Kashkandarya, east Navoy, Jizzakh, Tashkent and Namangan, soil productivity has decreased in recent decades. This could be a matter of human induced land degradation. Combining the above data, the areas in Uzbekistan that are projected to have the greatest geographic sensitivity to climate change are: East Navoy, Bukhara and West Kashkadarya and Jissakh Provinces.


Climate Geographic Sensitivity Map