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Изучите обзор, в котором отражается общий контекст уязвимости и устойчивости Кыргызстана к изменению климата. Изучите влияние климата и уязвимость по секторам. Ознакомьтесь с результатами Оценки риска и уязвимости к изменению климата для таджикистана. Изучите различные варианты адаптации к изменению климата в ключевых секторах.

Climate Change Related Geographic Exposure

Based on the water stress (percentage of available water sources used) and the drought risk (also including population and drought frequency) Khatlon, Republican Subordination and Sughd province have the highest sensitivity. The soil cover in in general increasing over the last 20 years. But large areas in South Khalon, Central Republican Subordination and norther Sughd indicate land degradation. Combining the land productivity with the changes in soil moisture indicates human induced land degradation especially in Northern Sughd and southern Khatlon which cannot be declared by the climate exposure. IN total Sughd, Western Republican Subordination and southern Khatlon experience the highest geographic sensitivity.


Climate Geographic Sensitivity Map