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Изучите обзор, в котором отражается общий контекст уязвимости и устойчивости Туркменистана к изменению климата. Изучите влияние климата и уязвимость по секторам. Ознакомьтесь с результатами Оценки риска и уязвимости к изменению климата для Туркменистана. Изучите различные варианты адаптации к изменению климата в ключевых секторах.

Climate Change Exposure

Balkan, Mary and southern Lebap provinces will be most affected by heat, as well as by higher and longer maximum temperatures. The increasing drought duration will have a particularly severe impact in Balkan and Dashoguz provinces. There is a greater chance of heavy precipitation in Dashoguz and Ahal provinces and extreme precipitation in Mary and Lebab provinces. Heavier precipitation offsets the positive impact of the increase of total precipitation since effective groundwater infiltration will be reduced. Together with higher temperatures, this means that Turkmenistan does not stand to gain a net positive effect from more precipitation. Altogether, Balkan and Mary provinces are expected to be most impacted under the climate scenarios. 


Climate Exposure Map