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Turkmenistan > Vulnerability Assessment > Socio-Economic Sensitivity



Изучите обзор, в котором отражается общий контекст уязвимости и устойчивости Туркменистана к изменению климата. Изучите влияние климата и уязвимость по секторам. Ознакомьтесь с результатами Оценки риска и уязвимости к изменению климата для Туркменистана. Изучите различные варианты адаптации к изменению климата в ключевых секторах.

Climate Change Related Socio-economic Sensitivity

Adaptive capacity is related to the income per capita, education, health, life expectation and distant-to-market. The higher income per capita in Balkan province is partly due to oil and gas exploration activities. The southern province of Mary appears to have the lowest income per capita, followed by the rural areas of Ahal. The same provinces plus Dashoguz province score highest in socio-economic sensitivity to climate change, which is expresses a combination of level of life expectation, education and health parameters from the Human Development Index (HDI). The total socio-economic sensitivity and therefore a deficiency in adaptive capacity is therefore apparent in Ahal and Mary Provinces.


Climate Socio-Economic Sensitivity Map